HHH Roofing & Construction is a full service roofing company with over 25 years of experience. We pay very close attention to detail, and maintain honesty and loyalty to our customers. We are family owned and operated.

Our owner Jose Hernandez has been in the roofing business since he was 17 years old. Since then he has worked with multiple large companies on big commercial projects. Jose comes from a hispanic background that believes in quality honest work. We don't take shortcuts because our owner believes in getting the job done right.

What separates HHH Roofing from the big companies is that we don't view your roof as another job. We view your roof as part of your home that protects you and your family. 

We understand that a roof is a big investment for you. That's why we are competitive in our pricing. 

Houston, Spring, Humble, Conroe, Katy, Kingwood, Cypress, Tomball, Bellaire, Porter, Barker, Huffman, North Houston



Our work crews know each other well. We are friends, not just co-workers. To see us in action is kind of like watching worker ants that each know their function and carry it out with precision and speed. Most roofing projects are completed inside of a day. You’ve no doubt seen roofs take much longer. Our rates are attractive because of the efficiency too.


We realize you don’t normally get to “see” your roof. Every roof we quote gets a complimentary full inspection and we will provide pictures and/or video to show you problem areas and provide real solutions. We also photograph completed roofing projects not only to use on this web site, but to clearly show you the completed roofing we are proud to call our work.


Your usual perception of a roofing project is the gaudy roll-off container that gets dropped off and who knows how long it will remain on your property, or what might get damaged by it or the delivery truck.

Except for a new roof and a yard sign with us, it’s very difficult to tell that a roofing company was on your property.


We will keep you on good terms with your neighbors. Even though we are rarely on a project for more than a day, that day can be kind of noisy and it requires us to bring in equipment. Your neighbors will be notified of the project and given the opportunity to express concerns so we can accommodate them. For example, if your neighbor is a third shift worker trying to sleep in a bedroom right next to your roof, we would want to schedule you for a weekend.


You will be speaking directly with Victor, the owner, or one of our Project Managers who will usually be on site when your roofing project is being completed. 

Communication is essential and we pride ourselves on always being accessible when you need us.


This needs to be included even though it’s usually the first thing out of a roofer’s mouth. It seems everyone is promising quality, and many roofers do deliver on that. One thing we will not do is buy roofing materials from big box stores. Regardless of the name brand or listed quality rating, those materials are custom made for the store to meet price requirements. Because of the next item on this list, we simply will not do roofing projects using sub par materials.