Local Residential Roof Repair Services in Houston, TX

Often times homeowners either ignore or are unaware of small roof repairs that their roofing system needs. Neglecting to have your Houston roof repair can lead to costly damages to your wallet and the overall look of your house, though, even if the problem seems small or insignificant.

The key to is to keep check of the slightest changes in the roofing structure and to have repairs made in a timely manner. Ensure your roof maintains its longevity by contacting HHH Roofing & Construction for your roof repair needs. Our experienced Houston roofing contractors can offer expert advice on the condition of your roof and what repairs may be needed.

At HHH Roofing & Construction, we are family owned & operated and we take tremendous pride in our reputation as the best roof repair contractor in our industry. By offering excellent support and honest fair pricing. We will walk you through the process and make you and your home are taken care of.


Signs your Roof is Leaking

Water Running Down the Walls or Pooling on the Floor

The most obvious sign that a roof is leaking and needs to be repaired.

Ceiling Has Damped Spots

This is another obvious example of a leaking roof. Look for dark areas on your ceiling and touch to see if damp.

Mold, Dark Marks, and Water Stains in the Attic

If you don't see water pooling or reaching your ceiling, that doesn't mean that there isn't a leak contained in your attic. It is important to inspect your attic periodically.

At the first signs of any of these roofing issues, give our team of specialists a call right away. Don’t let the problem get too out of hand; contact us to set up a free consultation.